Managing the IT Infrastructure of Your Business

Design, Cabling, and IT Room Cleanup

What is Infrastructure?

Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is the backbone of your business. This entails the low-voltage Copper or Fiber cabling which runs throughout the walls and ceilings of your building, constantly sending and receiving the important data which your company needs to operate. If your cabling is old, messy, or not maintained, your network speeds will be greatly slowed, and your company's problems will be greatly increased. This is the FOUNDATION of your building's operational effectiveness, so all networks start here.

1) Design

IT infrastructure design is your unique business technology plan. Whether you are moving into a brand new building with NO low-voltage cabling yet, or into a building whose had hundreds of tenants before you,  speaking with a specialist like Millennium is your first step in making sure the data/voice part of your move goes smoothly!

We are a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractor!

2) Cabling

We deliver structured cabling for all business needs, from creating an organized cable infrastructure from the ground up to organizing or replacing existing cables. Our cabling expertise includes:

  • Copper (Ethernet, Coaxial) 
  • Fiber (Single-mode, multimode)

All cabling provided by Millennium is certified to meet industry standards.

3) Network Hardware

After the low-voltage cabling has been ran, it all goes to one physical location called the MDF or IDF (commonly referred to as the 'IT Room'). The hardware in this room is what is responsible for logically sorting data packets and sending them off to their destination. Without proper hardware or configuration, you can experience dropped packets, leading to general network frustration.

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